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Teams are formed by division and compete against teams in the same division and problem. Grade level determines the division for teams in the U.S. and in countries with an educational structure that corresponds to the U.S. Except for Division IV, teams from countries with a different grade system will have their division determined by the ages of the team members. In competition, each school membership may enter one team per problem for each division it covers. Community groups and home-schooled members may enter one team per problem per division.

The team must compete in the lowest division for which it qualifies. For example, if a team qualifies for Division II it cannot compete in Division III. The team member in the highest grade (U.S.) determines the team’s division as follows:

  • Primary Grades K-2 (Non-Competitive)

  • Division I — Grades K-5

  • Division II — Grades 6-8

  • Division III — Grades 9-12

  • Division IV — Collegiate for ALL TEAMS. All team members must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and be enrolled in at least one course at a two- or four-year college or university.


High school students taking accredited courses do not qualify for Division IV. No special exceptions will be granted to allow a team to change its division.


A member may be a school, a recognized community group, or a college or university. A membership fee is $135 (U.S.). With each membership, you receive:

  • Five long-term problems that are challenging, user-friendly, and cover a wide variety of subjects.

  • One non-competitive primary problem, designed to introduce younger students to creative problem solving.

  • An Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide, which provides coaching information, rules, sample spontaneous problems . . . AND MORE!

  • The Odyssey of the Mind Newsletter, a quarterly publication loaded with valuable program information.

  • The opportunity to enter official competitions.

  • A chance to attend the annual World Finals.

  • The opportunity to win educational scholarships.

  • All mailings and program updates.

  • Support services from International Headquarters.


You’ll receive the following discounts if you purchase more than one membership:

  • Each additional membership for the same school or community group @ $100

  • 6-10 members from the same school district (registered at the same time) @ $120

  • 11 or more members from the same school district (registered at the same time) @ $100


Please note there are other costs beyond your National Membership:

  • Florida Team Registration Fee ($75/team)

  • Regional Team Registration Fee

  • State Tournament Registration Fee ($50/advancing team)

  • Supplies, Snacks, etc.

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